Amanda Navai Serpentarium

For modern stylish women, choosing the right handbag is not an easy task. Firstly, the number of bags in the stores is so great that my eyes run wide, and secondly, how to make the bag look beautiful, practical, and fashionable so that it can be worn not only with a suit or dress, but with different outfits and in any situations. In general, you need a universal accessory that can not only be a great addition to a fashionable wardrobe, but also so that a girlfriend or neighbor doesn’t have exactly the same, and this is even more difficult. And where to look for a way out? We ask Amanda Navai, a young designer with Swedish and Iranian roots, who recently loudly declared herself in the niche of “universal” bags and clutches.

Amanda, what makes your bags different from the rest?

Everything. The first is material. I only work with python skin, and no other. This is my business card. Second, styles. Each of my bags is a transformer or, if you want, a bag with a secret, and sometimes not with one. The third is manual work. Each of my products is carefully crafted by hand, while the prices of bags, even the most exclusive ones, remain within reason. In other words, I offer luxury and practicality at the same time, and this is very appreciated by modern women.

Please read more. Why, for example, a python?

Yes, simply because the skin of reptiles and, in particular, pythons, is so worn and waterproof that bags and shoes made of it can be worn for years and decades. I know for sure that having bought one of my bags today, you can safely pass them as a gift to your daughter or even granddaughter. Just remember how snakes behave in the wild - they crawl and swim and periodically change their skin, discarding the old and releasing a new layer. The skin of a snake is not afraid of water, it is beautifully colored, and over time, when you start to carry a bag from it, it becomes much softer than it was. In addition, python bags are surprisingly lightweight. I try to have a lot of pockets for all the little things in women, plus a free business card holder is attached to each bag.

Amanda, now let's talk about transformers. What is the "trick" here?

Each of my bags may look different depending on the situation. For example, Maureen soft universal clutches are double-sided, so you can get two clutches in one with those color combinations that you like - blue with orange, turquoise with bright raspberry and so on. You can order some color schemes on my site yourself, some are mass-produced, but there are those that I make exclusively for a specific client and never later repeat. Thus, you can be sure that only you have such a handbag.

The second version of "transofrmer" - Tanya handbags. In this classic clutch, the lid is decorated with a strap with large Swarovski crystals. If desired, you can detach the strap and wear it like a stylish necklace with a blouse and jeans. Such an evening option is obtained. Other bags have the ability to replace short or long chain handles (golden or silver) with belt handles, which can also be used as waist belts. In a word, each bag contains several options for transformations, which is very convenient if you need to look business-like during the day and go to a restaurant for dinner. And another distinguishing feature of all Amanda Navai bags is that I use python skin not only on the outside, but also on the inside lining. These handbags last much longer.

What else, in addition to bags, are you going to offer fashionistas?

Starting to create my first collections, I focused primarily on myself. I did not want to be like others. So I decided that in the bags I would use only bright and pure colors - yellow, orange, white, red, blue, purple and others, as well as all kinds of combinations. Today I developed a collection of shoes - ballet shoes and high-heeled shoes, which used interesting color combinations of leather. Do not forget, this is also a python! The next step will be accessories - necklaces, belts, bracelets, leather earrings in combination with metals, mother of pearl, wood, in a word, all that without which the fashionable image does not look finished.

Where in Dubai can you buy your bags or shoes?

Today I exhibit limited collections of bags at Bloomingdale's gallery, and bags along with shoes are also featured at Saks Fifth Avenue. I do not chase quantity, quality is what matters most to me. When I first offered my products for sale, Bloomingdale's department store took only a few bags from me, a week later they called and ordered a dozen more. And now, when we are talking, all my bags here are already sold out, and tomorrow I have to bring more. So, my creations were liked by the residents and guests of the UAE. It pleases me, so I will work on new models, colors and combinations so that all women can find for themselves an Amanda Navai bag that would fully suit their taste.

Thanks, Amanda. Good luck and see you soon.

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