The best place for a family vacation!

Do you dream of going with your family to where you can have fun and have fun? Then jump into the car and head towards the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah on the Emirates Road. Then at exit number 103, turn towards Umm al-Quwain. There you will find an amazing land of joy and fun with an area of ​​250,000 square meters. meters - one of the largest water parks in the Dreamland region. He will offer you unique entertainment for the whole family.

Desert oasis with palm trees and green lawns - Dreamland Waterpark has a beautiful landscape design with corners of wildlife. It is so large that it can receive and delight up to 7 thousand visitors daily. Among the amazing attractions and dizzying slides that increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, there are water slopes, a go-kart platform, a huge swimming pool with waves, a 40-meter tunnel, artificial rapids for rafting, Hippo Island, slides "Dancing Dragons" and "Kamikaze" . Among other things, there is an amphitheater and menagerie.

A variety of outdoor activities will undoubtedly excite your appetite. Hungry? Head to one of the park's restaurants - Asian, Continental, Indian or Arabian, or just grab a bite to eat at one of the eateries. If you want to smoke a hookah ("shisha") or try an original cocktail, then you should look into one of the largest pool bars in the UAE. If you do not mind staying in the park with an overnight stay, then pay attention to the Camping by the Water service , which is one of a kind in the Emirates. From time to time, Dreamland Waterpark organizes special events or puts forward unique offers that can surprise its guests. The park management has developed special offer packages for organized groups of vacationers that satisfy people with different levels of budget. Yes, another important detail, a special catering department will help you with the organization of wedding ceremonies, banquets or presentations.

When going home, do not forget to go to the gift shop and be sure to buy yourself something for memory. After all, the day spent in Dreamland, you will certainly want to remember.

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