Diptyque - Fragrant Adventure

Al Tayer Trends has launched the first Diptyque perfume boutique in Dubai Mall. The 52 m² store features an extensive collection of gorgeous fragrances, handmade perfumed candles and a wide range of body care products. For 40 years, the specialists of the Parisian company Diptyque have continuously improved the quality of their products. The "repertoire" of Diptyque fragrances is an ode to nature and superior ingredients. With apparent simplicity, they are, in fact, complex components created by professionals. Each fragrance reflects a particular moment or place: a field in Provence in the summer, a warm evening with your family, a flowering garden at dawn.

Diptyque Eau de Parfum is handcrafted in 12 steps. Each candle has its own unique composition of wax and wick, so it can burn continuously for more than 60 hours. Diptyque eau de toilette, candles, bath and body care products are different episodes of one adventure inspired by nature and travel - the forgotten taste of exotic fruit, the heady aroma of pine, foreign spices, rare flowers, lemon balm and forest trees. Today, Diptyque brand products are sold in only 12 branded boutiques located in Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Doha, and now in Dubai.

Watch the video: L'Artisan Parfumeur PREMIER FIGUIER vs Diptyque PHILOSYKOS w Dalya (April 2020).