Symbols of grandeur and prestige Caran d'Ache

The secret of the African mask

This limited edition includes 128 fountain pens and 64 ballpoint pens depicting the mysterious craftsmanship of the Maison de Haute Ecriture. Luxurious accessories made with traditional Swiss quality, adorned with precious materials, fully made and polished by hand. The cover of the case and cap is made of silver of the 800th test with blackening, decorated with masks of the African elephant, various animals and runes - symbols of wisdom and knowledge. At the top of the cap is quartz - a semi-precious stone that symbolizes the eye of a South African tiger. The Caran d'Ache logo is engraved on the handle ring, as well as a unique number and brand of the master, confirming the originality of the product. The pen is made of iridium alloy and 18ct gold. This combination provides the convenience of writing and the reliability of the pen.

Wild elegance

Another new Caran d'Ache is the Varius Alligator pens. The use of expensive and original materials are perfectly combined in the Varius collection. Masters of Caran d'Ache apply natural Chinese varnish. They masterfully own this super complex, and now traditional, technique. Rare and elegant alligator leather is an expensive natural material. Varius Alligator pens are fully handmade; gorgeous leather covered with chocolate brown patterns gives a unique intensity to the engraving. Contrast softening occurs due to the transition of the skin into the silvered part of the writing instrument. The rhodium-plated coating gives an unmatched gloss to the metal, protects it from scratches and has a high level of protection. The original combination of materials gives the elegant charm of this series, represented by four lines - fountain pens, scooters, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils.