Etoile TV Commercial Awarded Film Crystal Award

UAE's leading fashion group Etoile has created an incredible cocktail of luxury, fashion and high art for its new television advertising campaign, Etoile La Boutique, held under the motto: "I deal with fashion." The perfectly stylish and organic Etoile commercial has won the hearts of the jury of the prestigious MENA Cristal Awards and received the coveted Film Crystal award. The video shows a young woman in love with fashion who goes to the Etoile boutique. The background is an original musical composition from European hits with light oriental notes. A woman walks through the boutique, playing with furs, trying on shoes, clothes and accessories. She sits down on a luxurious sofa the color of Burgundy wine - a symbol of the Etoile boutique. In the final of the video, a completely different woman emerges from the door of Etoile - a star who says: "I am dealing with fashion!" The video was shot in the Etoile boutique in the famous Dubai Mall Mall of the Emirates. The face of the campaign was the model Carol, who starred for the world's leading fashion houses and recently finished shooting new perfume ads with Antonio Banderas. The video is directed by Jean-Claude Tibot, who shot commercials for Armani, L'Oreal and Dolce & Gabbana. Post-production was done in Milan at Dolce Vita pro-dash house.

Watch the video: CGI 3D Animated Short: "Spotlight" - by Jasper Corker-Marin, Kate Edge, and Miles Shacklady (April 2020).