Police helped reunite family in UAE after 14 years of separation

Emirate Sharjah police helped father reunite with two daughters.

Emirate police in Sharjah, UAE, helped the emirate reunite with her two daughters after 14 years of separation.

The parents of the girls were divorced. Children lived with a foreign mother. She did not allow her father to see them. Two years ago, a woman decided to leave the country and left her daughters in the care of a neighbor.

Information on the plight of girls reached the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. To help decide the fate of the girls was entrusted to the Center for Social Support at Sharjah Police.

Lt. Col. Mohammed Ghazal of the Center for Social Support said they managed to return the girls to their father through a coordinated effort. The police helped the man complete the formalities so that his daughters could stay with him.

The man expressed his appreciation to the authorities who helped him reunite with his daughters.

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