In Dubai, a man raped an Uzbek woman and drove out into the street without clothes

A rapist of a woman of Uzbek descent in Dubai will go to prison for 3 years.

The 39-year-old emirate will spend three years in a Dubai prison for raping and beating a woman of Uzbek descent.

According to the case file, the accused convinced the woman that he could help her in a lawsuit filed against her, and lured her to his apartment in Al Qusais in January of this year, where he committed the crime, and then kicked the woman without clothes outside.

In court, the man denied all charges and stated that the woman was a friend of the family, who often visited him and with whom he was in a relationship.

The victim said that she met the accused through her sister six months before the incident occurred. He helped her out when a woman was arrested in a case related to the issue of residence.

She did visit his apartment before, but she never spent the night there. On the day of the incident, the man called her and asked her to come, because he had information about her case. In the house were his children, with whom he began to argue. When the woman tried to leave, the accused took the phone from her, tore off her clothes and dragged her by the hair into the bedroom. He ordered his son to lock the door to the bedroom and committed sexual acts towards the woman. Two hours later, he led a woman without clothes by the hair from his apartment and said in Russian that the victim could not do anything to him.

She knocked on the door of the next apartment, the owners of which gave her clothes. Then she left the building and found her phone and wallet on the ground at the entrance. The victim picked up things and went to the police station to report the incident.

The Emirate was arrested the next day. He told police that he had an intimate relationship with a woman.

Recording from the building’s surveillance camera demonstrates how a woman enters the apartment and then approaches the door with the accused before returning inside. After someone pushes her out the door.

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