An old man rescued from the desert in Abu Dhabi

Abi Dhabi police rescued a 60-year-old man whose car was stuck in the desert sands.

Abu Dhabi police rescued a 60-year-old man from the desert whose car was stuck in the sand. A message was received that a man was stuck in the Nahal Al Ain area, and the battery on his phone ran out

An ambulance helicopter, which was immediately dispatched, conducted an aerial photograph of the area. Police found a stuck car, a helicopter landed next to him and found a citizen.

The crew checked his state of health and, making sure that the man was in order, contacted the family. The citizen and his family thanked the police for their prompt action.

General Ibrahim Hassan Al Balushi, director of the Abu Dhabi Police Air Force Unit, said that when planning trips to the desert, it is strongly recommended that emergency numbers be stored on the telephone and immediately call for help if an unforeseen situation arises.

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