Philippine maid wins million in Dubai

A foreigner in the United Arab Emirates became a millionaire by sending a small amount through a currency exchange.

A Filipino maid in Dubai won a million dirhams ($ US 272 thousand) in the Al Ansari Exchange network contest.

The maid's name was announced during the Al Ansari Exchange Rewards - Summer Promotion, held at the Metropolitan in Dubai.

Another participant became the owner of the 2018 Mercedes Benz car, another nine people won cash prizes of 10 thousand dirhams ($ US 2.72 thousand) each.

The woman took part in the rally by sending money to her family in the Philippines through the Al Ansari Exchange branch in the Mall of the Emirates.

She commented on her victory: "This is an event that will change and undoubtedly help me improve my life and realize all my dreams, including ensuring a decent life for my family."

Watch the video: Watch a Filipino win AED 1 Million - Al Ansari Exchange 2017 Millionaire Event (April 2020).