Updated safari park opens in Dubai with new animals

Dubai Safari Park is ready to reopen its doors after modernization.

Dubai Safari Park will soon open its doors to the public with many new animals and attractions.

Recall that initially the park opened on December 12, 2017. At that time, more than 2.5 thousand animals lived in it. However, on May 15 this year, it was closed for modernization. The administration was going to bring new animals to the park and provide the center with new amenities. The modernization was supposed to be completed by October 1, but the opening date was postponed to a later date.

According to the park’s director general, Frank Ritkerk, the new “inhabitants” of the safari park include bears, African elephants, chimpanzees, otters, Komodo lizards and a number of new birds.

"Animals are in the process of adapting to their new habitat and their" neighbors, "said Ritkerk.

He also said that after modernization, it will be easier for visitors to move through different areas of the park thanks to buses that will be responsible for transportation. In addition, guests will find an updated "adventure village" and a number of new restaurants.

Earlier this year, Meraas signed an agreement with the Dubai municipality to manage a safari park and appointed the world-famous operator Parques Reunidos to manage.

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