Maximilian Jewelry prepared Christmas gifts for loved ones

Jewelry house MAXIMILIAN LONDON presents jewelry from several collections at special prices that will be an excellent gift for dear and close people to the New Year.

Diamond-encrusted pendants from the SNOWFLAKE collection. The regular price for a “big snowflake” is $ 7 thousand. Special offer for a small and large accessory: $ 3.5 thousand. The chain length on both models is 45 cm. The total weight of the cut diamonds is 0.58 carats and 0.15 carats, respectively, and round diamonds - 0.3 and 0.2.

Cross pendant. Handicraft made in Japan. The large model uses 0.3 and 0.18 carat diamonds, while the small model uses 0.2 and 0.17 carats. The cost of the large model is $ 2.7 thousand, and the small one is $ 1.9 thousand with a retail price of $ 5.4 thousand and $ 3.8 thousand, respectively.

Ring with diamonds and emerald. The total weight of F - G diamonds is 0.28 carats, emerald - 2.23. Cost - $ 6,750.

Earrings with diamonds and emeralds. The total weight of two G-H diamonds is 0.49 carats, two emeralds - 2.22. Cost - $ 8700

Bracelet with diamonds and emeralds. The total weight of 90 F-H diamonds is 3.39 carats, 11 emeralds - 3.36. Cost - $ 15,000.

Bracelet with diamonds, pearls and emerald. The total weight of G-H diamonds is 6.2014 carats, pearls 87.081, emeralds 13.089. Cost - $ 65,000.

Earrings with diamonds and pearls. The total weight of mixed G-H diamonds is 2.24 carats, pearls 5.499, natural onyx 5.5472, emeralds 0.967. Cost - $ 20,250.

Earrings with diamonds and pearls. The total weight of the G-H rose-cut diamonds is 1,977 carats, the G-H-cut diamonds are 2,492, the pearls of the South Seas are 89,815. Cost - $ 20,250.

This year, MAXIMILIAN LONDON jewelry house opened a new boutique at the AL QASR hotel in Madinat Jumeirah. It features jewelry with rare white and colored diamonds, Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and sapphires.

All gift ideas can be found at Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel ground floor, Dubai, and at

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