How to save an apartment or villa for the holidays?

The Dubai municipality issued instructions for residents of the emirate on how to protect an apartment or villa from fire during the summer holidays.

Before leaving for the airport, you check for passports and mobile phones.

The Dubai municipality has issued a memo on what needs to be checked in the house so that during your vacation it does not turn into a time bomb:

- Make sure that the gas cylinders are tightly closed and that gas is blocked;

- Get rid of chemicals and flammable substances;

- Throw away all the trash;

- After returning home, ventilate all rooms;

- Drain stagnant water from the water tank.

Dubai police also issued recommendations on how to protect the house from burglars:

- Lock all the doors and windows;

- Ensure the safety of valuables;

- Take your cash and jewelry to the bank cell;

- Tell relatives or friends about your departure and ask them to follow the house.

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