Performance of the duo of comedians Umbilical Brothers, Dubai, UAE

A duet of comedians from Australia will perform at the Madinat Theater.

Location:Dubai Madinat theater
Organizer: Madinat theater
  • Entrance tickets 189-249 AED
  • On the theater website
    Time spending:20.00
    The date of the:October 30, 2018

    A duet of comedians from Australia - Shane Dundas and David Collins - will perform at the Madinat Theater (the name of the band is Umbilical Brothers). They are called the most creative professionals in the entertainment industry.

    With hilarious facial expressions and sounds, the Umbilical Brothers all over the world make people laugh on the floor between the seats in the auditoriums. Each production is unique! In their shows, artists skillfully combine elements of a puppet theater, a farce, a parody, communicating with the audience and involving the audience in the performances.

    They became the founders of the new genre, and in Australia there were many who wanted to share their fame, but not a single team could compete with The Umbilical Brothers. They performed on Broadway, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, at the Sydney Opera House, etc.

    Watch the video: Mime Duo with Tito Daniel (April 2020).