The UAE state religion is Islam, on the basis of which the country's legislation is largely built.

The country respects other religions as well - no one is forbidden to perform religious rites and to celebrate holidays, provided that this does not violate public order and does not sow hostility between peoples.

On the territory of Dubai, the Anglican Church is active, which is represented by two churches - the Holy Trinity Church in Bar Dubai (Ud Medha Street) and Jebel Ali and St. Mary's Church (also on Ud Metha Street and in the Jebel Ali District). In addition, its branches are in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Also in the United Arab Emirates there is an Armenian church and school, Indian and Filipino churches, and Christian Arabs churches.

Question. Is there an Orthodox church in the UAE?

Answer. Yes, in the UAE there is the Russian Orthodox Parish of St. Apostle Philip in Sharjah. The temple complex, which includes a church and a cultural and educational center, is located in Al Yarmouk, opposite the Emirate’s Ministry of Labor, and is the first such structure on the Arabian Peninsula. Services are held on Fridays (beginning at 10.00), Saturdays (at 18.00) and Sundays (at 10.00). Detailed information is available on the parish official website Information on holding wedding ceremonies can be obtained by calling on the mobile phone: 055 68 50 331 (Jurgen).

The first service in the church of St. Philip took place on August 19, 2011. Later, on June 3, 2012, a cultural and educational center was opened on its territory. Rector of the parish - Archimandrite Alexander (Zarkeshev). The building of the Russian Orthodox Church has become one of the attractions of Sharjah - the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates.

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