The first smart ambulances arrive in Dubai

Soon, smart ambulances will go to Dubai roads, the lighting in which is powered by solar panels, and medical equipment allows transmitting data about the patient's condition to waiting doctors in the hospital. Smart cars are made in the USA and cost 1.2 million UAE dirhams (US $ 327 thousand) each. These are the first solar-powered ambulances in the world. Solar panels are used to power the lighting system. All other equipment in need of power can operate for 48 hours without recharging.

The machines are equipped with special stretchers, a special chair for children, cameras transmitting the patient’s image to the hospital so that doctors can monitor his condition and coordinate the actions of paramedics. Also, if necessary, other vital indicators of the patient, the results of his cardiogram and even computed tomography can be sent to the hospital. A new type of ambulance is also equipped with external cameras, the images of which can be sent to the police. Conventional ambulances can accommodate two paramedics; four people can fit in the new car.

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