Slavic star of Daria Verbova

Text: Dariga Masenova


Known in fashion circles as “icy hot” and “scorching-cold,” Daria is like a breath of fresh air. Artistic, stylish and incredibly sincere model fell in love with designers and fashion photographers for their unusual beauty and purposeful character.

For several years, Daria has been the face of the Céline fashion house. Creative director of the brand, Phoebe Filo and Daria, are like twins: they not only look alike, but also perfectly feel each other's mood. From year to year, Daria absolutely accurately conveys the concept of Céline and the mood of the new collection.

Miuccia Prada was the first of the leading designers to Daria. Soon, a contract was signed with the Fashion House, which seemed to start a chain reaction. Giants such as Versace, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy, Ralph Laurent, Christian Dior and Isabel Marant immediately wanted to work with the model. As a result, intense filming and shows exhausted the girl so much that several years ago she decided to take a long vacation. "I felt that both emotionally and physically I could no longer continue.

Yes, you won’t buy happiness for money ... "However, in 2013 the model returned to the fashion business, triumphantly closing the spring-summer Balenciaga show. The brand’s creative director, prodigy Alexander Wong invited the model on exclusive terms, and Daria rejected all the other designers' offers. Daria’s appearance at the Fashion House show at the Paris Observatory became symbolic: she seemed to “light up” her star again.

"She never makes mistakes," designers say about Daria. On the set, she gives it 200%, and often photographers need only a few frames to convey the style and mood of the campaign.

So, in a team with stylist Karl Temper and photographer Michael Jansson, Daria perfectly conveyed the laid-back sexy style from Diane von Furstenberg. She appeared in the form of an independent and strong woman of the glamor era of the 70s. Diana herself notes that Daria’s “brutal femininity” was perfect for her spring-summer collection, where “the urban safari style has something in common with warm nights in the desert”.

The body of Daria, incredibly beautiful and flexible, is the subject of her special pride. Affect years of Ashtanga yoga, snowboarding in Vermont and the ski resort of Val d'Isere in France. In addition, the adventurous by nature Daria from childhood dreamed of circling the Atlantic Ocean on a yacht, and she managed to do it twice already!

Her bright bronze tan looks perfect in the new Salvatore Ferragamo summer collection. Daria skillfully uses body language to claim that she is above fashionable stereotypes. In her image, she combines femininity and masculinity, melancholy and irony, sports spirit and intellectuality. In everyday life, Daria behaves relaxedly and at the same time creatively: the model loves shabby denim, tweed and even collects leather vests. And long, slightly curly blond hair gives her an image of romance. Her everyday look is boho chic: a mixture of hippie, military, gypsy and ethnic motifs.

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