Five home spa desires

Bath & Body Works

Want to create a flavor for your mood? Check out The Sweethearts Collection. The glamor charm is in a mixture of red berries, honey violets or romantic daisies. And you are irresistible!


Would you like to bring your body into a really summer form? Homemade cosmetics from Lush - especially for you. Among the new products of the season are moisturizing creams and lotions, toners and sprays based on completely natural ingredients.


Does your skin crave freshness? Begin the ritual with Who's Who Cleanser and the innovative series for skin and shower care.

Field of flowers

Do you dream to shine? A floral collection of products will help you with this, with which every minute in the shower will become unforgettable: a delicate shampoo, shower gel and bath foam.


Do you want to give a special gift? The quintessence of Potpourri aromas is a souvenir that will not be superfluous for any occasion, be it a home dinner, an official reception or a meditation session.

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