Dubai: real estate by the sea

Many of our compatriots are attracted by the purchase of the so-called "second houses" by the sea, where you can come at any time of the year, with the guarantee that it will be sunny and warm, that you can sunbathe, swim and enjoy your vacation or weekend. Given that a flight to Dubai, say, from Moscow takes only 5 hours, and both cities are in the same time zone, it becomes clear interest in this type of investment.

Dubai is a city leaving both clouds and the sea; a challenge to the desert and human imagination; the center of the world's tallest skyscrapers and fantastic artificial islands, fabulous entertainment and enchanting festivals. An amazing city that grew up on the edge of the desert, as if created in order to impress the human imagination. In addition, this fabulous emirate is a world-famous year-round tourist destination for family and outdoor activities, beckoning with its warm sunny climate, white sandy beaches and azure waters of the Gulf of Pervida. This is a paradise city for tourists, because here they are waiting for excellent service, fashionable hotels and excellent conditions for sports, recreation and shopping. Today, vacationers are joined by those who wish to live in a modern metropolis, which has all the advantages of a luxury seaside resort. Thanks to the existing legislation, foreign investors now have unique opportunities to acquire real estate in the emirate for the purpose of further residence or leasing.

However, with all the variety of real estate sold in Dubai, the choice of projects within walking distance from the sea for ownership by foreign citizens is limited. This is primarily due to the fact that among the entire coastal territory of the emirate, in the freehold zone, where ownership is allowed for foreigners, only artificial bulk islands (three “palms” and the project of the World archipelago), Dubai Marina area and the area southwest of Jebel Ali Port is the Dubai Waterfront coastal mega project.

Moreover, the Waterfront, The Palm Jebel Ali and The World projects have not yet been built up (and The Palm Deira has not yet been poured) and will not offer housing for sale in the next few years.

Thus, coastal freehold real estate is limited by a relatively small number of projects in Dubai Marina and on the bulk island of The Palm Jumeirah.

Let's consider them in more detail. It is worth clarifying that we are talking about the following three fundamentally different types of residential real estate:

  • Apartments. These are apartments in an apartment building (complex). As a rule, residential complexes include everything necessary for a comfortable life - parking, pools, recreation areas, gyms, etc.
  • Hotel apartments. These are apartments managed by a hotel (hotel room) or apartments serviced by the operating company of this hotel. We can also talk about villas in the hotel complexes, managed or serviced by the hotel.
  • Villas These are detached or semi-detached houses (townhouses) with a land plot belonging to them, on which, depending on its size, there may be pools, gardens, gazebos, etc.

So, here is a list and brief description of the main coastal projects of Dubai, in accordance with the indicated classification:

Apartments by the sea

Jumeirah beach residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is one of the most popular residential projects in the Dubai Marina area. He is especially popular among our compatriots. Its main advantage is its location directly on the seafront with direct access to the beach. The project Jumeirah Beach Residence, built by Dubai Properties, is the world's largest example of the construction of buildings in one turn. The residential complex, stretching along the coastline of Dubai at 1.7 km, has 40 high-rise buildings, 36 of which are reserved for housing and 4 for hotels.

The JBR complex is a unique combination of urban lifestyle in the city and resort life on the beach. Unlike the projects on The Palm Jumeirah Island, within walking distance of residents are The Walk promenade with hundreds of shops, cafes and restaurants, clubs and beauty salons, more than two dozen famous Dubai five-star hotels and many other places for recreation and entertainment. Another important advantage of real estate in Jumeirah Beach Residence is its relatively low cost compared to coastal projects on the island of The Palm Jumeirah.

The project has a wide selection of apartments. Among 6.5 thousand apartments you can find housing for every taste: from studios and one-bedroom apartments, to duplex apartments (duplexes) and chicly finished penthouses on the upper floors with private pools, sea views, The Palm Jumeirah island and Dubai Marina harbor .

Apartments: from 65sqm studios to 600sqm penthouses.
Cost: US $ 3300-5000 per sq.m

Dubai marina

Dubai Marina is the world's largest complex project of artificial harbor, which stretches for almost 4 kilometers from the Dubai International Maritime Club in the east to the Sheraton Jumeirah hotel in the west. Her, by the way, is clearly visible from space. Around the harbor are more than two hundred high-rise buildings, most of which are residential. Without a doubt, it can be called one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Dubai. Among residents and vacationers here you can meet representatives of almost all nationalities, cultures and religions.

Therefore, the area is very popular among visitors (mainly Europeans, Americans and Australians), although from the point of view of the indigenous Arab population, it is considered too "European". Particularly impressive changes in this area have occurred in the past few years: the area began to be actively populated, new shops, restaurants, cafes and boardwalks began to open.

In terms of property value, the Dubai Marina area is one of the most prestigious and expensive in Dubai. However, the level of equipment and quality of decoration of houses, their location, as well as the size and layout of the apartments themselves are too diverse. Therefore, in the area there is a wide range of prices and property buyers can choose apartments in accordance with their budget.

Some of the cheapest buildings in the area are considered Marina diamond (consists of 6 buildings), Manchester Tower, DEC Towers. Despite the relative cheapness, they have pools, gyms, saunas, tennis courts and much more.

Cost: US $ 2500-3500 per sq.m

In the middle category can be attributed the projects of EMAAR: Marina Promenade, Al Sahab, Park Island, as well as projects of most other developers. Apartments with panoramic views of Dubai Marina and partly the sea, as a rule, have large areas: the average size of a one-bedroom apartment is about 90 square meters, while in inexpensive ones - about 70 square meters.

Cost: US $ 3500-5500 per sq.m

One of the most fashionable buildings in the area is Iris Blue, Al Fattan Towers, Trident buildings, Emaar six towers (first 6 buildings built by EMAAR). In these projects you will find high-quality finishes, spacious rooms, beautiful views of the area and the bay, as well as many other delights.

Cost: US $ 3800-7000 per sq.m

Palm jumeirah

The symbol of Dubai - the man-made island of The Palm Jumeirah, is one of the main attractions of not only the Persian Gulf, but also the whole world. This island is a real triumph of engineering, since never before had man created anything like this. For the whole world, it has become a symbol of the incredible energy, development and ambitions of modern Dubai. This island, outstanding in the Persian Gulf, has the shape of a date palm tree - a favorite raster and a national symbol of the United Arab Emirates.

Tiara (The Palm Jumeirah)

Luxury residential complex of seven 15-story buildings located in the form of the letter "V". It has its own beach. Located on the trunk (right) of the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah.

Apartments: from one-bedroom apartments (122 sq.m) to three-bedroom apartments (228 sq.m), as well as penthouses on the upper floors with an area of ​​500 sq.m. Cost: US $ 4700-5500 per sq.m

Oceana (The Palm Jumeirah)

Premium residential complex of seven 15-story buildings located in the form of the letter "V". It has its own beach. Located on the "trunk" (left) of the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah.

Apartments: from one-bedroom apartments (122 sq.m) to three-bedroom apartments (218 sq.m), as well as penthouses on the upper floors with an area of ​​480 sq.m. Cost: US $ 4400-5600 per sq.m

Shoreline Apartments (The Palm Jumeirah)

Residential complex of 20 buildings located on the 1st line of the sea with its own beach. Located on the "trunk" of the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah. Apartments: from one-bedroom apartments (110 sq.m) to four-bedroom penthouses (500 sq.m.)

Cost: US $ 2800-4800 per sq.m

The Residences (The Palm Jumeirah)

The project consists of three buildings, of which the residential and residential buildings (North and South Residences) and the central building, a five-star hotel run by the renowned Fairmont hotel chain, are scheduled to open in autumn 2012. Located on the "trunk" of the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah, has its own beach.

Apartments: from one-bedroom apartments (121 sq. m.) to luxury townhouses and penthouses (465 sq. m.).

Cost: US $ 3700-5800 per sq.m

Hotel apartments by the sea

Grandeur Residences (The Palm Jumeirah)

The complex consists of two buildings made in oriental style - Mughal and Maurya, which received their names from the rich and ancient ruling Indian dynasties. Located on the "crown" of The Palm Jumeirah Island, has its own beach and well-developed infrastructure. The delivery of the project is scheduled for the second half of 2012.

Apartments: from furnished one-bedroom apartments (105 sq.m) to luxurious penthouses (380 sq.m) and villas (570 sq.m).

Cost: US $ 4900-6000 per sq.m

Kempinski Residences (The Palm Jumeirah)

The unique luxury residential complex includes residential apartments planned in a classical palace style and a five-star hotel of the highest category, managed by the world famous Kempinski chain.

Located on the "crown" of The Palm Jumeirah, it has its own beach, spas, restaurants and developed infrastructure.

Apartments: from furnished two-bedroom apartments (168 sq.m) to luxury villas (1000 sq.m) and penthouses (1200 sq.m).

Cost: US $ 7000-8000 per sq.m

Villas by the sea

Signature Villa (The Palm Jumeirah)

Luxurious villas with large adjacent plots, pools and a private beach, made in 7 different architectural solutions for every taste. Located on the "branches" of the bulk island of The Palm Jumeirah. Detached villas with 5-7 bedrooms ranging from 650 to 700 sq.m.

Cost: US $ 6300-9500 per sq.m

Garden Home (The Palm Jumeirah)

Luxury villas with a private beach and a private pool, there are 5 different architectural types. Located on the "branches" of the bulk island of The Palm Jumeirah. Detached villas with 4-5 bedrooms, area: from 450 to 550 sq.m.

Cost: US $ 5500-6800 per sq.m

Kempinski Villas (The Palm Jumeirah)

Exclusive villas in a unique residential complex are managed by the hotel operator Kempinski. The project has only 10 villas, each of which has its own pool and jacuzzi, is equipped with modern appliances and is fully furnished (the furniture was specially designed for the Kempinski complex by the famous leading Italian designer Francesco Molone). Detached 4-level villas with five bedrooms, an area of ​​1000 sq.m

Cost: US $ 8000 per sq.m

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